How to select your ideal Yoga retreat

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By Nayeema Akter

Selecting an ideal Yoga retreat depends on what you exactly need to achieve. If you find yourself exhausted in your harsh and busy life and want to reboot your life by refreshing your spirit, rediscovering balance in your life and reigniting your passion for living, then a Yoga Retreat is what you need. The perfect retreat will make you transformed physically, mentally and emotionally. And when you return home, you will be free from negative thoughts in your mind, fears in your heart and you will find the peacefulness surrounding yourself as well as in your very inner self.

An ideal Yoga retreat will have to be relevant with your Yoga practice/ experience, your calendar, and your budget. Most importantly, which retreat will give you the results you exactly need?

There are different Yoga retreats available, customized for a variety of needs and abilities. Some retreats are designed with multiple classes a day and some are combined with other activities like surfing, meditation, writing, dancing and many other excursions. At the time of choosing a Yoga retreat, you should become sure what you want to gain from the time. Here are some tips on how to select your ideal Yoga retreat:


Yoga Retreats are offered in many countries all around the world. You will find some retreats are held in cities and some are in natural setting like beachfront areas, mountains or lakes. So you can choose the place you will love most to discover. You should also think whether you want to have equal parts travel and yoga or you want to disconnect from everything and really go inward. Whether you

want to stay close to home and focus on relaxation or want to enjoy different outer activities like hiking, kayaking, skiing. Yoga retreats are not only about Yoga. You can also choose the location where you can learn how to surf, cook or meditate and it really depends on your wish. You can go to places like Paris, Barcelona or Tuscany if you want to enjoy exploring culture, arts and mountains and if you want to enjoy being on a warm, sunny beach, you can go to a place like Spain or Mexico. You can consider Sonoma, the San Juan Islands or luxury retreat centers, if you want to enjoy the spoils of spa facilities and a very cozy bed! If you are not fond of camping, you can avoid rustic retreats. Just consider how exotic you want the location to be. You should also choose a place where you can communicate easily and will not find the language a problem.

Know about the Instructors and which Yoga style will be offered:

Before choosing a yoga retreat, you should know about the teacher(s) who are about to direct the retreat. Know about their experience (how many years of experience they have both guiding retreats and which style of Yoga they follow). You should be assured that you will feel aligned with the style of yoga you are going to practice. It is also important to know about the level of Yoga as the retreats might be customized for beginners, Intermediate, Advanced or Multi-level yogis. Know about the duration of the classes.

Length of Retreat:

An ideal Yoga retreat will give you the opportunity to first relax and then open yourself up to new possibilities and perspectives. So before selecting your yoga retreat, decide whether you want a couple of days to find clarity or if you need a week or more to fully unwind.


If you want to enjoy a retreat within your budget, it is Know about the Instructors and which Yoga style will be offered:
better to find out a Yoga retreat that is inclusive of pretty much everything except airfare. It will be easier to be aware of what your total trip expense will be. You should also think about the length and quality of your retreat, in relation to the trip cost. You can save money in many ways. You can look at shared

rooms or even group rooms/ dormitories. Sometimes after completing the retreat, you might find some hidden cost that will blow your budget, so be sure about the prices and about the including things within the price of the retreat.Know about the Instructors and which Yoga style will be offered:

Theme of the retreat:

Some Yoga retreats are based on life coaching and self-development and some are solely designed with exercises and physical activities. So before selecting a Yoga retreat, know about the themes and workshops carefully and find the one that will match what you are looking for.

Do it for you:

Choose a yoga retreat based on what you want, not on what everyone else wants you to do. It is important to know what you want to accept and what you don’t need to experience. Enjoy the retreat as you like and it will be possible if you choose a yoga retreat that completely matches your desires.Know about the Instructors and which Yoga style will be offered:

Nayeema Akter is a Yoga and Meditation Instructor, expert writer and blogger. She has written numerous articles and books on Yoga and related topics and attends and instructs on retreats regularly.



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